Volume 13, Issue 2 Has Been Published

This issue contains the Jorge Gracia Memorial Papers. There is a Table of Contents and six articles about the life and works of Jorge Gracia.

Ofelia Schutte “Palabras In Memory Of Jorge Gracia”

Linda Martín Alcoff “How do you create a new field? The Lasting Impact of Jorge Gracia”

Eduardo Mendieta “Ambidextrous and Exophonic Polyglot: On Jorge J.E. Gracia”

Gregory Fernando Pappas “Some Important Lessons We Learned from Jorge Graciaabout How to be a Philosopher”

Ernesto Rosen Velásquez “Remembering Jorge J.E. Gracia”

Elizabeth Millán Brusslan “There is Latin American Philosophy, but There Can’t Be:How Jorge Gracia Made the Impossible Possible”

You can find links to the articles and their respective authors here.

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