Cristian Felipe Soler

I am a PhD candidate in Iberian and Latin American Studies at Stanford University with a PhD minor in Philosophy, Literature, and the Arts. I also hold a BA in Philosophy and Literature from Los Andes University (Colombia) and a Masters in Medieval and Renaissance Studies from Columbia University. My work explores topics such as aesthetics and art theory, art therapy, epistemology, and cybernetics. My dissertation project is a curatorial work in which I classify Latino and Latin American artworks from the last 30 years that deal with the problem of dehumanization using medical practices like diagnosis, prognosis, therapy, and prophylaxis.

Mr. Soler has one article with the Journal, namely: “Pascal and Gómez Dávila: Aesthetic Revolutions, Skeptical Ellipses, and Political Reactions” in Volume 14, Issue 1 (Summer, 2023).

Cristian Felipe Soler Reyes

Iberian and Latin American Studies (ILAC), Stanford University

Graduate Student