Volume 14, Issue 1 Has Been Published

Volume 14, Issue 1 of the Journal was published in the Summer of 2023. The Issue has an Official Table of Contents, and includes four articles, one translation, and one book review.


Lara Trout “María Lugones and White Hegemonic Feminism: Making a case for

Nalliely Hernández “Uses of Rorty’s Irony: Literature, History and Political Identity in

Cristian Felipe Soler “Pascal and Gómez Dávila: Aesthetic Revolutions, Skeptical
Ellipses, and Political Reactions”

Scott Pratt “(Mis)Trust and Pragmatism as Grounded Normativity”


Luis Villoro “The Blue Mosque: An Experience of Otherness” Translation, Introduction,
and Critical Commentary by Kristian Cantens

Book Review

Hugo Moreno: Rethinking Philosophy with Borges, Zambrano, Paz, and Plato,
Lexington Books, 2022, 240 P. ISBN-10: 1793639280, ISBN-13: 978-1793639288
by Amy A. Oliver

There are links to all of the materials here.

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