Volume 11, Issue 1 (Spring, 2020)

Volume 11, Issue 1 of the Journal was published in the Spring semester of 2020.  The issue has an official Table of Contents, and includes the following articles and book reviews:


Alfonso Barreto “Rediscovering the Latin American nationalist idealism of José Ingenieros: a synthesis of his intellectual work and life”

Omar Rivera “Mestizajes and Resistant Alterities”

Alexander V. Stehn and Mariana Alessandri “La Mexicana en la Chicana: The Mexican Sources of Gloria Anzaldúa’s Inter-American Philosophy”

Book Reviews

Daniel Campos: Loving Immigrants in America: An Experiential Philosophy of Personal Interaction by Daniel Campos, Lanham, Maryland: Lexington Books, 2017. P. 282, hardcover $100. ISBN: 9781498547840. A Review by Reyes Espinoza

Jorge J. E. Gracia: With a Diamond in My Shoe. A Philosopher’s Search for Identity in America, SUNY Press, 2019, pp 282, paperback, $29.95, ISBN 978-1-4384-7728-2. A Review by Laura Arcila Villa