Volume 14, Issue 1 (Spring, 2023)

This issue contains a formal Table of Contents which identifies the four articles, one translation, and one book review within the issue.


Lara TroutMaría Lugones and White Hegemonic Feminism: Making a case for

Nalliely HernándezUses of Rorty’s Irony: Literature, History and Political Identity in

Cristian Felipe SolerPascal and Gómez Dávila: Aesthetic Revolutions, Skeptical
Ellipses, and Political Reactions

Scott Pratt(Mis)Trust and Pragmatism as Grounded Normativity


Luis Villoro “The Blue Mosque: An Experience of Otherness” Translation, Introduction,
and Critical Commentary
by Kristian Cantens

Book Review

Hugo Moreno: Rethinking Philosophy with Borges, Zambrano, Paz, and Plato,
Lexington Books, 2022, 240 P. ISBN-10: 1793639280, ISBN-13: 978-1793639288
by Amy A. Oliver