Volume 11, Issue 2 Has Been Published

Volume 11, Issue 1 of the Journal was published in the Fall semester of 2020.  The issue has an official Table of Contents, and includes the following articles, an interview and a book review:

Diego Malquori “The Indigenous Uprising in Chiapas as a Praxis of Liberation”
Vicente Medina “Félix Varela en la antesala de la modernidad: filosofía, eclecticismo y utilidad”
Benjamin P. Davis “Responsibilities of the Intellectual: Dewey, Dussel, and Democracy”

Inter-American Journal of Philosophy Interview with Ofelia Schutte

Book Review
Clif Stratton: Education for Empire: American Schools, Race, and the Paths of Good
Citizenship, Oakland, California: University of California Press, 2016. P. 288. Paperback
$28.47. ISBN: 978-0520285675
by Manuela A. Gomez

There are links to all of the materials here.

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