Volume 3, Issue 2 (Fall, 2012) Published

Volume 3, Issue 2 of the Journal was published in the Fall semester of 2012.  The issue includes the following papers and articles:

  • Formal Table of Contents
  • Dewey in Mexico: An Introduction by Gregory F. Pappas
  • Dewey’s Encounter with Trotsky by Richard J. Bernstein
  • Dewey and Trotsky: Truth is Not a Bourgeois Ideal by Larry A. Hickman
  • In London Street: The Dewey-Trotsky Encounter in Politics and Praxis by Kevin S. Decker
  • Dividing Walls and Unifying Murals: Diego Rivera and John Dewey on the Restoration of Art within Life by Terrance MacMullan
  • Hermeneutic Migrations: Jose Gaos on Heidegger and Dewey by Santiago Rey
  • A Pedagogy of Freedom: John Dewey and Experimental Rural Education by Nathan Crick with David Tarvin
  • John Dewey in Mexico: Nation-Building, Schooling, and the State by Kyle Greenwalt
  • John Dewey’s Influence in Mexico: Rural Schooling, ‘Community,’ And the Vitality of Context by Deron Boyles

You can find links to the papers and articles here.

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