Volume 8, Issue 2 (Fall, 2017) Has Been Published

Volume 8, Issue 2 of the Journal was published in the Fall semester of 2017.   The issue includes the following articles:

Ernesto Rosen Velásquez “Dussel’s Metaphysics of Alterity and the Aesthetics of Liberation”
Linda Martín Alcoff “Vallega, Dussel, and Radical Exteriority”
Eduardo Mendieta “Macondo Time: Alterity, the Coloniality of Time and Chronotopologies”
Alejandro Vallega “Radical Intelligibility and the Limit of Philosophy in Latin America”
Omar Rivera “Interpreting Enrique Dussel’s Transmodernity”

There is also a book review:

Juliet Hooker: Theorizing Race in the Americas: Douglass, Sarmiento, Du Bois, and
Vasconcelos by Juliet Hooker, New York: Oxford University Press, 2017. P. 296,
hardcover $53.00. ISBN: 9780190633691 by Katherine Adams

And a translation:

Luis Villoro “Filosofia y Dominacion” by Diana A. Yarzagaray

Call for Papers

You can find links to the articles and authors here.

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